Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) for Purchase

Tips for Realtors®, Builders and New Home Sales Consultants

How can HECM for Purchase help you grow your business?

Sell more homes at higher prices

  • Increase purchasing power*—Makes buying a higher-priced home with desired upgrades/amenities easier to afford
  • Capture new customers—Baby boomers age 62+ don’t want monthly mortgage payments, but are hesitant to use the majority of their assets to purchase a new home
  • Set yourself apart—Be the only professional in your market who’s familiar with the program
  • Sell homes faster—Customers must often wait to get the highest price for their departure home; HECM for Purchase gives them more financial freedom to buy YOUR house faster

*Available proceeds depend on age of youngest borrower, current expected rate and home value



If the customeris interested, contact us to review program details with them.

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